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Dr. Harry in the desert, Saudi Arabia, 1998
In the Arabian desert, 1998

The author, retired from Urology, in Etobicoke, 2003

July, 2003

The author, 2010
October, 2010

The author, retired from BIHRT, 2021
SUMMER, 2021

Gervais A Harry, MB, BS (London), LMCC, FRCSC, ABAARM (A4M)

I am a Toronto-trained Urologist. I studied medicine at the University College of the West Indies, earning my MD from London University, in England,. BIHRT and metabolic medicine were not included in my training. 

My 3 main hospitals, the Doctors’, the Central and the Wellesley, were closed in 1997, by the then premier of Ontario, Michael Harris. So I went to Saudi Arabia, as chief of Urology for the Armed Forces teaching hospital in Tabuk (North-West KSA).

Northwest Armed Forces Hospital (Prince Salman Armed Forces Hospital), Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The NWAF Hospital, Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

My duties in Tabuk were consultation and surgery for Urological diseases, supervision and instruction of the senior resident and two junior residents and presentation of unusual cases, to the medical/surgical staff.

I returned to Canada in March, 2000

Returning to Ontario in Y2000, I quit Urology and joined a family practice in Etobicoke.

Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy in Family Practice

In 2006, I became aware of the progressive loss of hormone production which begins at age 26 in both males and females and after studying the subject, I began to prescribe bioidentical hormones for some of my patients, in 2007.

In 2012, I became a member of the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine (A4M) and started their two-year course of study. I wrote their examination successfully in December of 2013 and began a Bioidentical Hormone Restoration Therapy (BIHRT) practice in 2014.

The majority of my patients benefited from hormone balancing, so In October of 2015, I stopped accepting new family practice patients and concentrated on BIHRT.

In May 2016, I passed the A4M’s oral examination, achieving their “ABAARM” certification as a BIHRT consultant and in January of 2017, I relocated from the West Etobicoke Medical Centre and joined the Stone Tree Naturopathic Clinic, in Collingwood, Ontario.

Specialising in BIHRT

MY PRACTICE, from 2015 TO July 2021, was dedicated to consultation in Functional and Metabolic Medicine, including management of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Andropause, Menopause, Depression with or without Panic Attacks, the “Troubled Teen”, Thyroid Hormone Malfunction, Failed Treatment of Hypothyroidism, Infertility, Sexual Dysfunction and “the Undiagnosable”.

I RETIRED in 2021

I retired from medical practice in July of 2021 and cancelled my medical license. However it seems wasteful to jettison my learning and experience. Particularly, since the medical establishment disregards and ignores the hormonal aspect of our metabolic function, I feel obliged to offer my knowledge to my old patients, and anyone else, who wishes to read these pages, in the interest of helping those who think outside the box.


My Qualifications are (or were):
MB, BS (MD degree), London, England, via the University College of the West Indies, 1964,
LMCC (Canadian medical license exam), 1969,
FRCSC (Urology), via University of Toronto, 1974,
ECFMG 1984 …… Florida license 1998 [inactive],
ABAARM Certification [A4M], 2016.
My memberships were:
CSAMM [Canadian Society of Aging and Metabolic Medicine],

This website, started in August, 2020, provides 3 services:

(1) Background information regarding hormone deficiency and its management,
(2) Information, regarding specific hormone deficiency conditions,
(3) A blog, mainly about interesting news in medicine (not just BIHRT), plus occasional comments on other issues.


The “flavour” of the blog, its content and the opinions expressed are my own. At times, they differ from the attitude and opinion of official, mainstream, allopathic medicine, since they are based on my “extracurricular” knowledge and my experience of 14 years, in the practice of hormone assessment and restoration. Therefore, much of the information offered here may be rejected by family doctors, who are constrained by the official “guidelines” set out by the medical establishment.

Should there be conflict between my opinions and those of your family doctor, please accept the family doctor’s advice, but seek a second opinion from a metabolic medicine (functional medicine) professional *.
(1) Click this link to see an explanation of metabolic medicine. The page to which it leads gives a good description and explanation of functional medicine.
Note that the explanatory page is provided by the IFM. However the link does not constitute an endorsement of the IFM’s professional certification, in preference to those of the A4M or other metabolic medicine training organizations.
(2) For another explanation of metabolic medicine, click here.

I must emphasise:
I provide functional medicine and hormone balancing information via this Website and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. However having cancelled my medical license, I am no longer entitled to order tests, give my opinion regarding diagnosis, or prescribe medicines.
Therefore, armed with the information you glean from these pages, you should consult with your family doctor and also with a “functional” or “metabolic” medicine practitioner
(a medical doctor, certified as a specialist by the A4M, the IFM, or other accredited metabolic medicine organization), for diagnosis and ongoing treatment.

Photo of the author, retired, 2021