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Here you will find information, explained to the best of the author’s ability, regarding the hormonal control of the human body, the natural history of hormonal secretion and the management of hormonal imbalance.
In-depth knowledge will enhance your understanding of hormonal matters, provide an information-platform to facilitate discussion with healthcare providers (including functional medicine practitioners) and empower you to be an equal partner in your healthcare.

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** Here, I will make a solitary exception: you should consult with a functional medicine MD (“FMMD”), who has a good understanding of HRT, in addition to seeing your family doctor.

Please make sure however, that your family MD knows about your contact with the FMMD and is aware of any treatment prescribed.

The author has retired from medical practice and is no longer licensed as a physician.
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He no longer supplies opinions regarding symptoms, diagnoses or therapy.
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Therefore this website is written purely for your information.
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In view of the volume of information and the multiplicity of professional opinions available on the internet and bearing in mind the rapidity with which such information and opinion can change, the pages will be updated carefully and frequently, to keep each page as up-to-date- as possible.
Even so, research developments subsequent to the date of writing may render a portion or portions of the information here provided obsolete or incorrect.
For this reason, while statements herein made are to the best knowledge and understanding of the author and are, in the opinion of the author (but without absolute guarantee), true at the time of writing, the accuracy and veracity of information supplied cannot be guaranteed on an ongoing basis.

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Here’s your chance to assume equal partnership in discussions with this doctor!
References to and comments on scientific articles are welcome, but please take care to avoid reference to commercialised articles intended to promote proprietary remedies and “cures”.

The author will endeavour to reply to comments and questions, providing that no support, endorsement or adverse comment will be made regarding potions, compounds, products or therapies and providing that the author reserves the right to delete all references to such products, proprietary or public.


Dr Fernand Labrie (1937- 2019), Professor, chaired the Department of Anatomy and physiology of the Faculty of Medicine of Laval University for almost 4 decades.
He was in many ways the father of modern endocrinology, publishing more than 1340 articles, which have been cited more than 50,000 times. 

His many contributions to molecular endocrinology include elucidation of the origin, metabolism and functions of DHEA, Hypothalamic and Pituitary hormones, therapy with anti-androgens in prostate cancer, the conversion of steroid precursors to active hormones (particularly DHEA) in peripheral tissues (intracrinology), and development of anti-estrogens to treat breast cancer.

Following academic retirement, he founded Endoceutics, a pharmaceutical firm which developed intravaginal use of DHEA (prasterone) in the treatment menopausal symptoms. The association of prasterone and acolbifene, a nonsteroidal selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)  for treatment of vasomotor symptoms and prevention of osteoporosis and breast cancer, came from him.

Without Professor Labrie’s discoveries, DHEA would not have caught my eye, my interest in BIHRT would not have developed and this website would not exist.

G. A. Harry, MB,BS, LMCC, FRCSC, ABAARM (retired).


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