Vitamin D Lowers Melanoma Risk

This just in: Ilkka T. Harvima, MD, PhD, et al., from the Department of Dermatology, University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital, Kuopio, Finland, has filed a preliminary, but significant report, titled “regular vitamin D supplements may lower melanoma risk”. The thrust of the paper is that ” Individuals who regularly take vitamin DContinue reading “Vitamin D Lowers Melanoma Risk”

TREES reduce mortality

This report shines a light on an important fact: “money may not grow from trees, but something even better does”. In a new study led by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service, researchers found that each tree planted in a community was associated with significant reductions in non-accidental and cardiovascular mortality among humansContinue reading “TREES reduce mortality”

Stress Causes Hypothyroidism

Why, Vs. How! Q: Why remove this tree? A: EASY! This is only half: a storm blew the other half down.Q: How to remove this tree? A: TOO COMPLICATED to explain!BTW: this guy probably has Zero stress, because what he’s doing is routine, for him. Don’t explain “how” – try to explain “why” Once inContinue reading “Stress Causes Hypothyroidism”

Preventive care, as it could be

AbstractWithout preventive care, too many friends die because of late diagnosis, particularly of ovarian, colon, breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer.Instead of ongoing monitoring, with the emphasis on earliest possible diagnosis, our doctors await the development of significant disease and too often, we hear dejected relatives exclaim, “by the time they found the cancer, it wasContinue reading “Preventive care, as it could be”

Finasteride Warning (France)

France just Issued a “red box warning”, with a QR code to facilitate complaints, to be attached to Finasteride Products by April 2023. 5 Dec., 2022: I just got the note below, from the “post-finasteride syndrome foundation”: France Orders ‘Red-Box’ Warning—and QR Code Linking to PFS-Awareness Dossier,on all Finasteride 1 mg Products by April, 2023.Continue reading “Finasteride Warning (France)”

Psychotherapy Tax

Your therapist must collect GST/HST  One of my sons, who has qualified as a registered psychotherapist after 5 years of study, just told me about something which I find most distressing: Counselling therapists and psychotherapists must collect GST/HST. Psychiatrists and family doctors do not have to charge the GST/HST: they are paid by the variousContinue reading “Psychotherapy Tax”

DHEA cures cancer: one case.

 BACKGROUND DHEA was first discovered as a urine metabolite in 1934 by Adolf Buteiiandt and Hans Dannenbaum from Germany. It was reaffirmed as a urinary metabolite in 1943 and isolated from serum in 1954. Basically, the actions of DHEA oppose those of cortisol, but in addition it is used as raw material for production ofContinue reading “DHEA cures cancer: one case.”


December, 2022: This note is from my newsfeed: I have no comments to make, but it seems important. The cancer–microbiome connection Zion Levi’s melanoma went into remission thanks to a powerful immunotherapy drug called nivolumab. Then he donated his faeces — and the microbes inside — to help others who had failed to respond toContinue reading “CANCER TREATMENT WITH FAECAL TRANSPLANT”

Antioxidants lower dementia risk (pseudo-news)

The note below is from a report by Sharon Reynolds, dated 2022-05-24, on the NIH website (I have paraphrased it, for brevity and clarity). In “Antioxidants and DementiaMore Than Meets the Eye“, J. Neurology May 24, 2022, Babak Hooshmand and Miia Kivipelto report on blood levels of antioxidants in more than 7,000 people, aged 45Continue reading “Antioxidants lower dementia risk (pseudo-news)”

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