Covid 19 and INTERFERON

Re: interferon

Covid 19 and “Long Covid” continue to present a thorny problem for individuals, doctors, nurses, hospitals and the public health system. Much has been written about Covid and new reports continue to occupy my newsfeed– I flag all interesting looking reports (on many subjects – not just Covid) and I try to examine them for interesting material on an ongoing basis. Occasionally, however an important paper is overlooked. This one, on INTERFERON, was published in Feb. 2023: but I only just found it, while reviewing unread articles.

The paper was submitted by Prof. Dr. F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE, of the Yale School of medicine: it is entitled “A New (Old) Drug Joins the COVID Fray, and Guess What? It Works”. Published on 8 February, 2023, It touts the use of interferon for treating (or preventing) Covid 19 infections.

The graphic below, copied from the article, eloquently explains Prof. Wilson’s findings, but I would encourage you to read his very well written article, for yourself (see the URL below).

graph, comparing interferon with placebo in treatment for Covid 19
Interferon reduces illness from Covid infection – graphic from (Yale) Prof.. F. Perry Wilson’s article: see URL below.

Dr. Wilson’s article can be accessed at https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/987900?src=WNL_trdalrt_pos1_ous_230210&uac=235227EV&impID=5154439

Prophylaxis or treatment with interferon sounds like a good idea: I congratulate Prof. Wilson on his paper. However according to Google, the total cost of interferon treatment is estimated to range between US$1,120 and $1962 ($US): to me, as a retired Canadian surgeon, that is a hefty price!

So I will continue taking 2G of Vitamin C, twice daily and 3,000 iu of Vitamin D once, as prophylaxis against Covid 19, as I have been doing for the past 2 1/2 years (the article doesn’t mention Vitamin D or Vitamin C).

If I get Covid again (in spite of my vitamins) and I become seriously ill, I will consider Dr. Wilson’s advice regarding interferon.

About Long Covid, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Metformin

(1) Regarding Long Covid: please see my post on the subject, at CBHRT.ca.
(2) A more recent article suggests Metformin, as treatment (? prophylaxis) for Covid: again, please see my post on the subject
(3) Please see the page on vitamin D, especially the notes on Histatins, Cathelicidins and Defensins, the human body’s natural antibiotics.

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